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Medi1Card (M1C) Franchise Advantages
- You become a part of an experienced team.
- Number one international medical business areas represent you.
- M1C is a card that will  be owned by 25% of high-class singles and families and an average of 55% of normal middle class people.
Key benefits of becoming a franchisee
M1C offers you the chance to sell the best deals ever in medical discounts and provides you with a direct sales program in the industry. We also provide you with a system for marketing your business and securing sales that has been proven to work well.
Sponsorship in the franchisee country
Another way to make money as a franchisee is to find a branded name company to sponsor the card and the advertising campaign in your country. A sponsor agreement has to be approved by the franchiser (Medi1Card – aYwaa Group Corporation).
Advertising plan tools
  Brochures, Pamphlets, News Papers, Magazines, TV, Radio and Outdoors.
Capital Investment Requirements
  Franchise Fees
$50,000.00 (In some countries the fee will be lower or higher depending on country population size).
  Capital Requirements
Marketing and advertising costs depending on prices in each country. These costs will range between 100 to 150 thousand US dollars per campaign.
  Royalty Fee 3% of gross sales per month.
  International Development Fees 2% of gross sales per month.
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